Science with Mrs. Cervantes
In the sixth grade, students continue to learn using the Battle Creek Science Curriculum. This year the four units of study include:
  • The Planet Rock- Learning about the rock cycle, sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks.
  • Earth: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow- Learning about tectonic plates, earthquakes, and how our layers of the Earth work. 
  • Energetic Connections- Building off our forces unit from fifth grade, students will learn about different forms of energy like potential, kinetic, and chemical.  
  • Ecosystems- Students will learn about the many ecosystems around the world, what makes them different, endangered and invasive species, and will even interact with critters in the classroom. 

Students will receive a science journal where they will conduct activities, take notes, and make observations. These may come home for studying and finishing up work.  Be sure they return to school during the unit.  

Mrs. Cervantes may be reached at