KWA's/Schedule, Forms, and Non-Negotiables

Here are our classroom Key Working Agreements(KWA's).  These cover our work expectations, including when working in a group, and collaborating with one another.  Each set of KWA's was established by each class at the beginning of the school year.  See the attachment and/or links below for an updated supply list, weekly schedule and/or forms for the year.   


1. Listen actively, be kind, and respect everyone's ideas.
2. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
3. Everyone work hard together, and be productive.
4. Take turns, be sure all agree, vote if necessary.
5. Work at an appropriate volume.


1. Work together at an appropriate volume.
2. Share responsibility, take turns, everyone has a voice.
3. Be respectful, stay on task.
4. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
5. Be an active listener.


1. Put forth your best effort; everyone participates.
2. Help each other stay on task.
3. Listen actively and ask questions.
4. Be respectful and supportive.
5. Work together, take turns, share ideas.

Weekly Schedule

Non-Negotiables are rules we follow whenever we write.  So whether in math, reading, science, social studies, or even writing, these are musts, things we have to be sure to do correctly.  They will help make us better writer's across the board for years to come.  The Non-Negotiables list grows as the year progresses. Check here for updates.

Current Non-Negotiables list

-Capitalization and End Punctuation has been carefully checked over.
-Paragraphs are: indented, have a topic sentence

Supply List Google Doc