KWA's/Daily "Remind"ers, Forms

Here are our classroom Key Working Agreements(KWA's).  These cover our work expectations, including when working in a group, and collaborating with one another.  Each set of KWA's was established by each class at the beginning of the school year.  See the attachment and/or links below for an updated supply list, weekly schedule and/or forms for the year.   


1. Work together, cooperate.
2. Share your ideas, everyone contribute and stay focused.
3. Be polite, and communicate in an appropriate volume.
4. Take turns, everyone gets a chance. 
5. Listen to each other.


1. Listen to others and help each other out.
2. Work with other people, cooperate.
3. Stay focused and participate.
4. Everyone gets a chance to talk, take turns.
5. It's okay to disagree but work it out peacefully.


Supply List Google Doc