KWA's/Daily "Remind"ers, Forms

Here are our classroom Key Working Agreements(KWA's).  These cover our work expectations, including when working in a group, and collaborating with one another.  Each set of KWA's was established by each class at the beginning of the school year.  See the attachment and/or links below for an updated supply list, weekly schedule and/or forms for the year.   



  1. Work hard, work together, and share ideas(do your own work).
  2. Get along, respect one another.
  3. One person talks at a time, include everyone.
  4. Stay focused and on topic.



  1. Complete our work quietly.
  2. Be nice/respectful to your classmates.
  3. Focus while you work together.
  4. Work hard, work together, work cooperatively.
  5. Listen, compromise, and share.
  6. Do your own work.



  1. Be respectful and kind.
  2. Cooperate by working as a team, get along.
  3. Stay on topic, focus.
  4. Share, but do your own work.
  5. Listen to others, compromise.

weekly schedule.pdf

Supply List Google Doc

supply list2.docx