Genius Hour

Genius Hour

What is Genius Hour? 
Genius Hour is class time set aside each week for students to work on a project they're passionate about.  Projects develop after weeks of research, notetaking, reading, surveys, or even tinkering with ideas using an open-ended or PHAT(Pretty Hard and Tough) question to drive them.

What kind of project should I do?
It all depends on what lends itself best to your driving question.  It could be a:  

  • Slide or multimedia presentation
  • Poster
  • Speech
  • Song or performance
  • Handbook or manual
  • Video
  • Presentations on your successes, or failures

See below for some more ideas

How do I get started?
Using the KWHLAQ chart your teacher provides you with, and Trello online, begin by brainstorming things you enjoy and want to know more about.  (See video and website link below) This will help push you toward a driving question to guide your research.

Genius Hour Video

101 Ways to Show What You Know

How does Genius Hour tie-in to the Common Core State Standards?
There are several ties between Genius Hour and the Common Core.  The pdf attached below will give you the specifics.