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Objects in the Sky

This unit builds on the concepts of the 4th grade unit, The View from Earth, and students demonstrate using models rotation on axis and orbits due to gravity of Earth and other planets. They relate the relative position of the sun, moon, and Earth to seasons, moon phases, eclipses, tides and day and night.

The Sky This Week

The unit focuses on the following:

1. The relative position of the Earth, moon, and sun are responsible for the phases of the moon, 

eclipses, and ocean tides. 

2. Earth’s rotation causes the day and night. 

3. The tilt of the Earth on its axis within its rotation and the angle of the sun cause the seasons. 

4. The physical components of the planets are varied. 

5. The characteristics of the different planets are influenced by their location in relation to the sun 

and its atmosphere. 



Objects in the Sky