My Homework
There will be some homework in language arts and social studies classes this year. Most of the time, homework is what is not finished in class.  Although each student will have a Nonfiction Report due in the middle of October.  This will be given to them the first week of school.  

Sometimes students will get a week or more to finish their homework.  For example, they are responsible for doing a nonfiction report each card marking.  The students will be given the requirements at the beginning of each card marking and the project is due a week before the card marking ends. 

If a student has a project to do in social studies, that needs to be done in class.  I will give plenty of time to do that project, but it is up to your student to use that time wisely. Participation is a huge part of their social studies grade, so I need to be able to observe how each student is working with their partner.

The students will get a study guide for social studies at least 3 days before the test.  I would suggest having the students make flash cards to study the concepts and definitions.