Sixth grade ROCKS!


       I am really excited about being with 6th graders, I think they are really cool people! When I started teaching 12 years ago I thought 6th graders were big and mean. It's true that most of them are bigger than me, especially the girls thanks to that growth spurt, but they aren't mean at all! After teaching fourth grade for so long, it's nice to finally have student who get my jokes!

      Johnson is a great place to be. Giving the 5th and sixth graders their own "place" has been a huge success in my opinion. The teachers here are warm, wonderful people, the kids are amazing, and the other people we see here every day are helpful, respectful, and kind. We are truly blessed to be here with each other, for each other, every day.   

     My class is a self-contained sixth grade class. That means that my students stay with me for all subjects, except of course "specials" like gym, art, music, library, etc. There are a few reasons for this. First, there is an odd number of 6th grade classes, so someone had to do it! No, really it is simply because I enjoy being with one group of kids all day. I believe it is easier to create a warm. loving. supportive family environment when we all stay together. I think it is disruptive, at times, to pack up and move to another class. Also,  this way I have more flexibility in scheduling throughout the day.