Our textbook is Everyday Math, which most of you are familiar with.  The major concepts for 5th graders to learn fall into 6 areas.  These are the areas that will appear on the report card.  Not every unit focuses on all 6 areas.  The attachment below will describe expectations in all 6 areas for 5th graders.

I will be teaching math to Mr. Santi and Ms Cross' class as well as my class for 60 minutes per day, they will be given approximately 15 minutes to work in class.  We will start each day with mental math strategies, math message, direct instruction, and practice time (individual or small group).  Some assignments we may start as a whole class, then work independently or in a small group, then discuss our answers and answer any questions regarding how answers were found or where a student made a mistake.  I often have students come up to the overhead and work a problem out for the rest of the class.  Students will also complete math boxes and study links that we correct together the next day as those are often homework if not completed in class.  Students will complete exit slips (a half sheet) that counts as a grade each day.  The exit slips focus on the content area we are working on.  Those will be checked and sent home the next day.

I believe in supplementing when necessary.  If my students aren't grasping a specific concept, I will find alternate ways to get it across.  This may include a practice page, computer game, EM games, or anything else I can come up with.  If you go to the links section on my site, you can find some helpful math links.

I will give you notice via our class website as well as in your child's planner regarding upcoming math tests.  A study guide will be given and checked problem by problem in class the day before the test.  All questions will be answered then as well.

If you have any questions, at any time, please email me at  I check my email each night and will do my best to respond to you in a timely manner.