Mrs. St. Aubin's Class

  Welcome to Johnson!

I'm Rhonda Raylean-St. Aubin and I am currently teaching 5th grade at Johnson Upper Elementary School.   I have been teaching at Johnson for my entire career.   I have taught 2nd, 3rd and 5th grade.  I graduated from The University of Michigan with a BA in Elementary Education with certifications in Early Childhood, Language Arts, Math, and Social Sciences.   I also have my Masters Degree from Eastern Michigan University in Instructional Technology.  

I am anxious to start the year.  Mr. Santi (social studies), Ms Cross (science) and I (math) will be team teaching.  We are very excited to be working with students from both classes.  In our rooms we will continue to work on the development of our math and literacy skills.  We will continue to use Everyday Math as well as additional math strategies and resources to learn 5th grade math objectives.  Students will also be learning about numerous social studies concepts including U.S. history, economics and civics.  We will launch our new science program this year.  Concepts include forms of matter, forces, environment and vertebrates/invertebrates.

My philosophy is to make learning fun.  However, there are certain expectations to make our classroom  community run smoothly.  Throughout the year, we stress respect to one another and adults in our building, honesty, and taking responsibility for yourself, your actions and your education.  By following these few guidelines, we are able to work cohesively in groups of any size to investigate concepts and learn important life skills.

Successful classrooms are ones that have a high level of cooperation and communication between the teacher and parents.  Feel free to stop in or call at any time if you have any questions, concerns, or would like to lend an extra hand.  Go through your child’s student planner each night.  It will allow you to keep up with what we are doing in class and determine if there is homework to be done.  I will also do my best to update my homework calendar on my website daily.  If you have any questions, write down a short note in the planner or email me at  I check planners every morning.  I know this will be a great year and I am looking forward to working with your child!