Mrs. Lee - Physical Education

I am pleased to be teaching here for a fun-filled year of activities.  My name is Mrs. Lee and as I tell all the students, “Welcome to P.E. with Mrs. Lee!”   Each week students will receive forty-five minutes of physical education at our K-4 lower elementary buildings and two fifty minute periods of physical education at our 5-6 upper elementary buildings.       

 Livonia Public Schools physical education curriculum emphasizes a well-rounded sequence of development.  It encourages and promotes growth in the physical, mental, social and emotional health of each child. 

             In order for your child to have a successful experience in physical education, would you please:

Start their day with a good, nutritional breakfast;
Make sure they have proper fitting athletic footwear;
Make sure their attire is appropriate for moving;
Basketball Gear.png
Keep jewelry at home.

            If your child needs to sit out due to an injury or sickness, please send a written note briefly explaining why.   Please provide me with any medical issues/information based on periodic medical examinations, to avoid unnecessary risks while participating in physical education class.           

          Remember that physical activity does not have to be limited just to physical education class.  Enjoy spending time with your child by walking, riding a bike, exercising or practicing with them the skills they have learned in class.   Your example will help them value physical activity and appreciate the importance of life long fitness.