Literacy Workshop
Reader's Workshop

Students will do a lot of reading throughout the year in reader’s workshop. Each day they may participate in mini lessons, read alouds, and independent reading. Students keep a reader’s response journal where they keep track of different reading strategies, thoughts from read aloud, their independent reading books, and their reading interests. They will be expected to respond to their reading, share their thoughts, inferences, questions, text connections, summaries, and visualizations in a variety of different ways. Journals or individual pieces will be collected periodically for grading. Students will eventually work in book clubs. Although given time in class to read each day, students are expected to read at home every day for a minimum of twenty minutes. 

Current Focus:  Tracking our thinking while reading, self-monitoring, and sharing our thoughts. 

  • Independent Reading
  • Mini Lessons
  • Read Alouds
  • Responses
  • Book Clubs
  • Thought tracking(post it notes)
  • Character analysis
  • reflections

Writer's Workshop

Students will write in their writer’s notebooks on a daily basis.  Each day they spend time writing about their experiences, or on a topic of their choice, while focusing on adding good detail, keeping their focus, and writing in proper paragraph form. Some days they will be working on incorporating vocabulary from a word study session, spelling words, or something they learned from a particular mini lesson. Writing is very important, and as with reading, the more of it you do, the better you get. Students may bring their writer's notebook home to share with their parents at any time, as long as it returns the following day.

  • Daily Writing
  • Writing Process
  • Computer Lab

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