Livonia Public Schools Music Education

Mission Statement:

Ensuring a quality music education for all students.


The Livonia Public Schools school district believes a musical education is essential for all students.  All students will have the opportunity to develop their individual musical abilities through performing, creating, listening to and reflecting on music.  Experiencing the musical disciplines is critical to the development of the whole child.

Music education is a core discipline.  The process of learning music requires problem-solving and critical thinking.  Music education develops literacy, intuition and reasoning into unique forms of expression and communication.  Creating music with others encourages the development of teamwork.  The study of music stimulates the growth of sensitivity, creativity and imagination.

Music is a significant part of our culture, encouraging a sense of community in America's diverse society.  Music provides a unique sense of historical and cultural heritage.

Music has the ability and power to lift the human spirit and enrich the quality of life.  Through music education students build self-esteem and self-discipline.  As a field of study, music has a special body of knowledge and skills.  As an art, music is an essentially aesthetic experience with its own intrinsic qualities and values.