I will use this page periodically throughout the school year to notify parents of upcoming orchestra events.  Please check back often.

Upcoming Concerts

Stay "tuned" for the upcoming 208-2019 concert schedule

Past Concerts

Summer Blow-Out Concert
June 5th  2018
Johnson Upper Elementary Gymnasium
9:00 AM for parents and families
10:15 AM for students and staff

SCHOOOOOOOOOOL'S .... OUT ..... FOR ....... SUMMER ..... almost!
Get ready for our favorite concert of the year!! This one is special because it is our only concert that is NOT required, we only bring together all of the students who love to play and who want to get together to make music one last time.  Keep your eyes open for a special permission slip to come home sometime mid May.

String Fling
Wednesday, March 28th, 2018
Stevenson High School
7:00 PM

Get ready for the concert of the YEAR!!  This concert will feature ALL of the string players from across the district for one amazing night of music making.  Attendance at the concert is required, if you cannot make it, please send in a note excusing your absence.

December 19th and 21st, 2017
Johnson Upper Elementary Gymnasium
7:00 PM

This performance was a required part of you student's grade.  If they missed it, please send in a note excusing their absence.