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Writing Can Be Fun!

Writing is such an important skill for your child to master!  I believe if teachers and parents make writing fun, students will have a more positive attitude toward this task and will ultimately have success.  Try some of these fun ideas adapted from the publication written by the California Writing Project, Because Writing Matters. .

1.  Write a postcard or letter to a relative or friend.  Mail your letter!  You just might get something back.

2.  Create your own personal mailbox.  Using a shoe box, decorate it with paper, stickers, foam art, paint, etc.  Make a slit in the top.  If each family member has a personal mailbox, you can send notes to each other. 

3. Keep a journal.  

4.  Writing thank you notes, sympathy cards, or apologies give writing a purpose and can give the writer a sense of peace or closure to a certain situation. 

5. Create a scrapbook or family album.  Under pictures, have your child write their feelings or what they were doing during the picture moment.