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       I look forward to meeting all our incoming 5th graders as well as any new or returning 6th graders.  It is so exciting to provide support to students that can benefit from a little extra boost!    

       A frequently asked question, is who gets to work with the Learning Specialist, Title I interventionist and how is this determined?  Fortunately, we have many extra support staff that can assist with helping your child.  Each year, students are assessed in the fall and throughout the year.  The interventionist team, (RTI team) and the Johnson staff, most likely your child's classroom teacher, will work collaboratively to determine which students will require some extra support this year.  After we identify our students, we will target skills and weaknesses and design lessons for your child.  These lessons will presented in a small group setting with an interventionist or a learning specialist.  For detailed information, please contact Nicole Chichila at


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