November Newzzzzzzz
Conferences, days off, and Fall Festival, Oh My!
Hello Parents,                                                       
I have been so busy since the September, getting to know your students and finding out their strengths and goals.  I was very happy to get the chance to meet with most of you last week at conferences.  It's over halfway through November and we finally have a week of school that includes EVERY day!  Even with our teacher workday and  conference days off, the students and I have been very busy.  We have introduced word study units to all age and ability levels.  I have included a link below to, where we practice our word patterns in the computer lab each week.  We are targeting the proper use of capital letters and question marks in our writer's workshop.  We continue to work on noticing details of the characters and setting in our reader's workshop.  Our math groups are very busy learning all types of skills, but our main targets this month continue to be money skills, basic facts, and recognizing positive and negative numbers on a numberline.  Keep reinforcing these at home, or follow my links page to some fun and helpful math instruction and game sites.
Keep following your child's progress on his or her daily point sheet and I will be sending this communication to as many email addresses as I have.  Please send me your contact info if you use email and I look forward to more progress in the 2nd card marking.
Thank you for your continued support at home!!

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