Battle of the Books


What is it?



Battle of the Books is a reading competition for students in grades 5-6. Students who participate will be divided into teams. The teams will read six books for this year’s battle and prepare to answer questions about each book. During the final battle, the teams will be asked questions about each book. Each team must write down an answer for each question. The answers are given points based on the accuracy and completeness of the answer. The points for each team are added up, and there are prizes for the top teams and certificates and treats for everyone!


When is it?



Books will be available to the teams beginning in January. The final Battle will be March 14th during Reading Month.







Teams will have a maximum of 6 students. Students can either form a complete team, or name students that they would like to have on their team (see the next page). The Battle of the Books Committee will then create the additional teams.




In January, the teams will be given a list of six books for this year’s battle. Each student must read at least two of the six books. Book exchanges will be held during team meetings.


Entrance Fee:


The cost for participation is $5.00 per student (cash only, please). Since this entrance fee will be used to purchase books for the program, it will not be refunded if a student leaves the Battle of the Books.




It is very important that each team find a coach. Coaches need to be available between January and mid-March to hold study sessions with their team. During the study sessions, coaches may talk about strategies for answering questions and otherwise help the students prepare for the Battle of the Books. Coaches are welcome to use the LMC during lunchtime for their team meetings.

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