Our daily work is guided by the following shared beliefs:

  1. We believe all students will learn when given a variety of support strategies.

  2. We believe students will meet the expectations when there are firm and consistent procedures.

  3. We believe that when trust is reciprocal, trust is built, and learning happens.

  4. We believe every child belongs to the Johnson Community, so we need to help each other.

  5. We believe every child has positive qualities that need to be recognized and fostered.

  6. We believe perseverance and effort are critical to successful learning.

  7. We believe students need to understand that they are the first person in their learning process and education.

  8. We believe we must network respectfully with others to model a positive example for our students.

  9. We believe that, given the time we have our students, we can reach and impact all of them.

  10. We believe that our collaboration fosters a learning community at our school.